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Issue after Windows-Office update
Recently we had a windows and office update at our company.
When trying to open VEDA FE I get the following error (followed by many more):
"Unable to install Veda_saveCode ADDIN.
Open Excel And Choose Tools -> Add-Ins
Click Browse and Choose the Add-In
Veda needs this Add-Inn to sense the edit of Excel files"

I went to check in Excel and it refers to the referenced file in the VEDA FE directory. But still it does not work.

My idea was that it might have to do with the fact that we have a 64 bit Excel now and this is an .xla file. Might not support 64 bit.

Anybody else has this problem?
And what is the solution? (Can't go back to 32 bit Excel, company policy)
=> maybe a newer version of the Veda_SaveCode.xla file?

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According to the developers (Vikrant Baliyan) and users (Pdas, Olexandr), VEDA has been working fine with MS-Office 64bit for many years now. Kanors has multiple machines in their working environment with Excel 64bit.  And also according to user testimony, there have been no problems using 64-bit Office with VEDA.

For reference see here:

Hence, there is probably some other reason for your problem (but sorry I don't know what it would be Blush ).
Hi Luc,

Sometimes the Windows registry is not updated with the latest Office version after the Office Major update. Please let me know when we can have a remote session.

See related issue reference here:
Hi all. Just to let you know that the issue is fixed with the registry changes. Thank you all for the help. :-)
Hi Luc,

Thanks for the update.

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