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Attribute modification for IRE processes

When I represent a user constrain for IRE processes, I am able to set a value in the collumn "UC_RHSTS" using  ~UC_Sets: R_S: AllRegions and ~UC_Sets: T_E: as tags. However, when I am seting an attribute transformation for this kind of processes, using ~TFM_INS, I am not sure how to represent it in a single collumn. Currently I have to specify the region, as in the attached file.

Is there a diffente collumn name that I could use?


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The short answer to your question is "AllRegions". When you use this as the Region in one of the TFM tables, it will apply to all regions that the specified (filtered) processes exist in.

But you have to be careful with IRE processes as they exist in two regions. If you use this column, values will apply to *both* regions that the IRE process connects. Similarly, you should check your results to confirm that the NCAP bounds you have specified in the UCs are applying to the SUM of the two regions.

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