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Issue with F-Secure antivirus
Dear all,
Below the summary of the issue I had with Veda 4.5.4 in my Windows 7 machine with F-Secure antivirus.

The software was working well since I started to get the following messages when starting Veda (see screenshot):
[Image: ?ui=2&ik=abd93a4e54&view=fimg&th=15cc4e8...&zw&atsh=1]

Antivirus applications, especially Kaspersky, Avast Secure, Symantec Business Protection and FSecure Anti-Malware may cause erratic behaviour of the VEDA Applications. In my case VEDA application was moved to quarantine by the antivirus. Once restored the file, everything back to work smoothly.

Thank you for support from Kanors team


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