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a running problem when running the front end
(06-09-2016, 09:42 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Hmm... I don't know why they don't show up.  They do show up when I import the constraints for the coal plants into the DEMO model, see attached picture.

So, there must be still something wrong in your set-up, for example maybe ELC should read ELCC in your model, or some simple mistake like that (just for one long shot Blush ).

Note also that your constraint name for coal-UP is wrong (it is the same as for nuclear).  Good luck!

good news! I solved it.

I added an aterisk after the ELC. I mean that “ELC” was replaced by "ELC*". In our model, "ELC*" represented ELCELC which is the commodity out. however, “ELC” can not represent ELCELC.  a little mistake.

thank you so much for your help and hints.

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