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Error Installing VEDA-FE
After installing VEDA from scratch I got the error message below. After that error message Path error 76 and VEDA collapses.
 Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
[Microsoft] [Microsoft ODBC Access Driver] Cannot modify the design of a table 'Error_Table'. It is a read-only database.
Looks like something has gone wrong during the installation.
Is VEDA installed in a VEDA folder in the root, or under Program files? If not in root, then please try uninstalling (from the control panel) and reinstalling in root.
Before reinstalling, follow the special instructions "If using VISTA or Win7" that are given in the Installation section of the VEDASupport site here.
Error: "operation must use an updateable query"
Hi Amit
 We have installed and reisnstalled VEDA a few times folowing all the steps (also veda compatibility). All the installation processes went ok, but the error that Sofia mentioned above keep appearing when we try to open VEDA_FE. This happens in two pcs with Windows 7 professional and Office 2007.
When we try to oppen Veda_BE a different error shows:
Can you help us please?
Thank You
If VEDA is not installed in the root folder, then try doing that. Installations under program files face problems due to insufficient rights on some computers.
Please send the error log files from the folders VEDA_BE\Logs\ and VEDA_FE\Logs\
Dear Amit,

Veda is installed in the root folder as you see in the picture.
Veda don't create any log file on those folders you mentioned.

Can be something related to Microsoft Access?

I send you again the error in FE.

Thank you
I can't remember if it was the same error, but we got rid of some errors by updating Access, so you might want to try that...
Lets do a web meeting... let me know when you are available, i will send you a link.
We did a gotomeeting and traced the problem to security settings.
All FE and BE issues were resolved by giving the ownership of VEDA folder to the current user.
Detailed steps will be posted soon.
This is primarily a permissions issue as FE does not have the necessary permissions to read from the database. The steps for resolving this error are the same for VEDA-BE, when trying to run it throws an error:

To resolve it,

1. Ensure that the VEDA folder installed in your system's root directory has FULL permissions for modification for the user trying to run VEDA FE.
For example, if you have installed VEDA in C:\VEDA, ensure that this VEDA folder has full permissions for the current user. For more details, please refer to the VEDA Forum post: Setting Permissions in Windows for VEDA ( )

2. If setting full permissions also does NOT solve the issue, try to disable any antivirus temporarily and re-run VEDA FE. If it loads successfully, you need to grant Full Trust to 'veda-fe.exe' and 'veda-be.exe' from your antivirus settings. 
Utsav Jha VEDA Support

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