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User Constraints
I have noticed that some new users tend to think in terms of User Constraints (UCs) when process/commodity attributes would do the job.
UCs are needed when:
  • You want to control multiple processes/commodities as a group. For example:
    • Limit on the total capacity of several wind power technologies
    • Limit on total emissions from two different sectors (that have different names for the emittant)
  • You want to control several variables for the one or more elements. For example:
    • Limit on the utilization of one or more coal power plants (Activity/Capacity)
      • You will need a single UC if you want to limit the utilization of several plants as a group, and one for each plant if you want to control it at the plant level.

In other cases, you should normally be able to find an attribute to do what you want. Remember to use the Attribute Master under Advanced Functions of VEDA FE to look up attributes, and refer to TIMES Documentation Part II for their precise details.

In the DEMO model that comes starting VEDA FE version 4.3.307, the UCTest scenario has been enhanced. The Simple UC sheet now has examples for the three most often used UCs.

I'm trying to use a UC in my model in order to give the model a quota for renewables in electricity generation.

I think I so used what in TIMES documentation is calles LHS constraints. Checking the template you mention above I have tried to create the constraint, but I have some problems... I supposed that when you use *COA* referred to all technolgies that have those letters in its name, Am I rigth?
the limit I want to at the right side is related with all the electricity produced in a year. Can I do it or should it be a nember?

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