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Marginal cost of a given process
It is obvious for me, that the equation EQ(l)_COMBAL gives the marginal cost of a commodity. However, I was wondring how i can obtain the marginal cost of a process.
Not quite clear what you mean by "the marginal cost of a process", but a few possibilities:
  ● Marginal cost of process activity is reported by VAR_ActM
  ● Marginal cost of new capacity of a process is reported by VAR_NCapM (if VAR_NCAP exists)
  ● Marginal cost of total capacity bound of a process is reported by VAR_CapM (only when VAR_CAP exists)
  ● Additional optional marginal cost indicators are given in VAR_NCapR

See Section 3.3 of the Documentation, Part II, for some additional details.

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