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Electricity Pricing and Production in EPAUS9R
Hi All,

I am new to this forum but I am hoping someone can assist by addressing my question below. I am not sure if it is helpful, but I am using the EPAUS9R database. 

(1) I notice there appears to be five time slices for each season. For example, for Winter, we have "W", "WDAM", "WDPM", "WN", and "WP". However, I cannot figure out what the "W" time slice represents. In the case of electricity production, would this capture electricity produced by technologies that operate 24 hrs/day as opposed to only operating during a particular time slice? If so, why do we have shadow prices for each of the other time slices but not "W"? In other words, in the case of Winter, I have shadow values (EQ_CombalM) for "WDAM", "WDPM", "WN", and "WP", but not "W".

(2) As it relates to electricity production, what is the difference between "VAR_Comprd" and "VAR_FOut" when determining total production? When I view these flows at the national level, I am getting two different values and I cannot figure out why.
I am sure you have read the TIMES documentation: Documentation_for_the_TIMES_Model-Part-II.pdf

See Section Timeslices, and recall that the timeslices form a hierarchy. I am not familiar with the EPAUS9R model, but I would presume that the timeslice "W" is for Winter (a season), and that "WDAM", "WDPM", "WN", and "WP" are DAYNITE timeslices under the Winter season.

See also Section 5.5 VAR_COMPRD(r,t,c,s), and recall that VAR_COMPRD represents the amount of commodity c produced at time period t, timeslice s, after applying the commodity efficiency COM_IE. If you see that it differs from the sum of VAR_FOUT, I can only suspect that you have defined a commodity efficiency.

As to the commodity balance marginals, which I assume you refer to by talking about "shadow prices", they can only be reported for the timeslices that have commodity balance equations. If you define a commodity at the DAYNITE level, the balance equations are of course only at the DAYNITE level, as it would not make sense to define them also at the SEASON level.
Thanks! This is extremely helpful.

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