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Missing ProcessSet elements
I have been working the last few days on the TIMES demos I downloaded through etsap webpage: and some of the results derived from VEDA are not consistent with the ones presented in the Documentation for the TIMES Model - PART IV. So, for instance, when running the DEMO004, the “ELC plants capacity and new capacity” VEDA_BE table only displays results for the ProcessSet ELECOA, while the rest of the ProcessSet elements ELEGAS, ELEHYD, ELENUC, ELEOIL and ELESOL are missing (as can be seen in the attached figure), which is not consistent with the documentation. However, other results of the same DEMO, such as the objective function values are consistent with the documentation.
Can you please advise what may be the reason for this inconsistency?
Thank you for your time.

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I am not a VEDA expert, but it seems that you just have some problem with the reporting sets defined under VEDA-BE.
As you say that the other results, such as the objective function values, are consistent with the documentation, this indicates that the model results are fine, but under VEDA-BE the reporting sets ELEGAS, ELEHYD, ELENUC, ELEOIL, ELERNW and ELESOL are for some reason not defined. These process sets are defined in the Veda_Snt.mdb file, which you should have obtained with the Demo package (in the DemoS_VBE sub-folder). But your screenshot clearly shows that those sets are not defined in your case (they are not shown on the Process tab, and are marked with asterisks in the Table definition).

I don't know why those process sets are missing in your case, but you could define them also yourself in VEDA-BE.  Just go to Sets → New Set(s) and create, for example, the set ELEGAS, by checking ELE in "Include: Exist in Sets" and putting *GAS* into "Input commodity is like", and then click "Create Set".  But you could also try copying again the file Veda_Snt.mdb from the Demo package into your VEDA-BE database folder (first close VEDA-BE, then copy that file, and then launch VEDA-BE again).
Thanks Antti.

you are using the VBE database that comes with the installation. you need to select the results folder that came with the Demo models.
As said by Amit you are using the wrong VEDA-BE database, you must select the ones downloaded with the DemoS models. You can find instructions in the TIMES documentation part IV, section "1.1 Downloading and setting up the DemoS models" at page 8. Let me know if this solve your problem
Maurizio Gargiulo <br />
Yes you were right, thank you all very much for your help.

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