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Cannot create New BE Database
Hi Vikrant,

Here's the log file: uploads/62/Errors_GuestGuestOrg_241110.txt

24/11/2010 10:58:49
Error while codeSmart: Path/File access error In Procedure ConstructDB4p0.modConstructDB.CreateLnkTables [132]
{75} Path/File access error

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Thanks Will,
Here a final exe unzip this again in "VEDA\VEDA_BE" folder.
And send me error log again if error still persist.

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Great, that has fixed the problem.

Kind regards,

Very Good Clap
But with this excercise i found that concern problem is something with your Drive letter.
Can you please send me the 2 screen shot just for confirmation?
  1. your MyComputer window
  2. Disk Management (Right click on MyComputer then select the Manage from popup menu then  a window open with title "Computer Management", here you found the Disk Management)
Here we are:

Yes here the problem........
look first drive (78 MB) in Disk Management picture, which did not assign any drive letter.
Right click on this drive and select "Assign/Change Drive letter" and assign a drive letter to this drive.
Strange - I am unable to label this partition - and why there is a 78 MB partition in the first place (with 100% free space) I do not know.  I will get IT to try and remove this.


I think this small partition is a system partition, which is reserved for system boot information. Disk Manager would not allow you to remove this partition because removing it could cause the system to not boot.

Why should this system partition cause problems for VEDA?  If it does, I would rather be inclined to say that it is a bug in VEDA and should be fixed in VEDA, instead of advising to tamper with the apparently healthy file system of the user.  Am I missing something?
Right Antti, this situation has been handled in the version posted on the forum this morning; it will be included in the next update.

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