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Where are the case definitions stored?
Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well!

I have a small question when considering FE Cases: where are these information stored? By information, I mean which scenario is selected and which is not, in what order...
I tried to look into MDB files but couldn't find anything (but maybe I didn't search thoroughly enough). It is more by curiosity than for a real development but I had some troubles a few times some weeks ago and I had to delete the Databases folder. I lost the case definitions and was wondering how I could have managed it differently.

Thank you in advance, best regards!
I found an earlier Forum post by Amit, saying that you can delete all databases apart from UserOptions.MDB from the Databases folder, if you want to preserve your case definitions.

For reference, see Amit's post in this older thread.

Best wishes
Thank you Antti for your answer! Sorry for the delay!

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