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UC_COMPRD without COM_IE being applied

So I notice that COM_IE is divided by the UC_COMPRD coefficient in user constraints. I'm trying to build a user constraint that limits the share of a commodity from certain technologies on gross production (with no transmission efficiency applied). Is it possible to stop COM_IE being applied in this case?

By default, if you refer to VAR_COMPRD by UC_COMPRD, VAR_COMPRD is divided by COM_IE.  This is done exactly because VAR_COMPRD is calculated by multiplying the gross Production with COM_IE, and so this is exactly what is desired for limiting the share of a commodity from certain technologies on gross production: the impact of COM_IE is thereby eliminated. To state this more clearly, in the commodity balances, VAR_COMPRD is defined in the following way:

   VAR_COMPRD(r,t,c,s) = SUM((v,p), VAR_FOUT(r,v,t,p,c,s)) * COM_IE(r,t,c,s)

Because of that, if you want to define a share constraint for any production technology by referring to VAR_COMPRD, VAR_COMPRD must be divided by COM_IE to get the gross sum, and by default that is done automatically when referring to VAR_COMPRD by UC_COMPRD.

Therefore, I don't really understand the question, because the default (applying COM_IE to eliminate its impact) is already exactly what one would usually want, for defining share constraints.  So, can you clarify your question?  If you for some reason need to do that (stop eliminating COM_IE), please refer to the documentation, Part II, Section "User constraint modifiers".

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