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Conceptual - why is UC_Growth limit LO not UP in Part IV?
In of Part IV of the documentation, where UC_Cap is introduced, why is LimType LO? I initially (mis)interpreted it as an enforced lower limit and was expecting UP for an upper limit on growth rate of capacity.
As explained in the documentation (Part II), dynamic constraints can be of type (t, t+1) or (t, t−1). The example uses (t, t+1), because GROWTH is specified on the LHS side.  So, denoting by Growth(t) the growth multiplier, we are defining a constraint with the following formulation (constraint type = LO):

   VAR_CAP(t) × Growth(t)  ≥  VAR_CAP(t+1) − 1

Swapping the sides we would get an equivalent formulation:

   VAR_CAP(t+1)  ≤  VAR_CAP(t)×Growth(t)  + 1

As you can see, the constraint is as intended. Therefore, you should readily see why the LimType in UC_RHSRTS has to be LO. However, you could also define GROWTH on the RHS side, and then the constraints would be of type (t, t−1), and you would use LimType=UP.

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