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Doubt on FLO_DELIV utilization

Just a small doubt about the FLO_DELIV attribute. I've found in TIMES documentation that it is the cost of delivering/CONSUMING a commodity to a process (as you can see below).


Indeed, in my sofware is used for input commodities in FT-processes (see below). This sounds correct because FT- "consume" DSB1 to convert it into TRADSB.


The doubt I have is the effect of FLO_DELIV in the case below, where it is applied to all processes SUP* (supply sector) that are PRODUCING BGA (it's an output), not consuming it as an input. The processes that consume BGA in supply use the commodity SUPBGA, not BGA. Someone else did it and I not sure what he meant with it.


I just want to know if my reasoning is correct and therefore if I need to change those filters.

Thank you.
Ok, I see that can be considered a bug in the documentation.  It will be fixed in the next release of Part II.

FLO_DELIV and FLO_COST have been originally implemented to work on any flows of the process (energy, material, emissions) and on both sides (input, output), for defining variable costs specific to process flows. There has never been any difference in their functionality for normal processes or IRE processes. So, I guess the idea in the two different attributes for the same functionality has been that the user may want to distinguish between different types of costs on process flows, and specify them with either FLO_DELIV or FLO_COST accordingly.  For storage processes, there is a difference: FLO_COST works only on the Charge (input) flows, while FLO_DELIV works only on the Discharge (output) flows.
OK thank you then I'll have to change it Smile
Yes, it should be changed if the current filters generate unintended cost attributes on either side.

Note also that you don't need to specify any interpolation option 3 for cost attributes, because that is the default. Normally, you thus would not need to specify any interpolation options for cost attributes.
OK I've just found it in the DOCU.

Thank you very much I thought default I/E rule was 10.

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