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Abort triggered by error $198

I noticed a new type of error « $198 » i never faced before…
I just have a small model with less than 10 technologies. I checked the .lst file but certainly I should have missed something because I could not find a solution to the error unfortunately. Do you have any idea please?
Here is the .lst file
Thanks in advance

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The error 198 is:  "Set used in 'ord' or lag is not ordered." and the set in question is COM_VAR.
The SET COM_VAR includes only the following elements: NET, PRD, COMNET, COMPRD.

This error tends to suggest that you may have used one of these labels as a timeslice name.  Could you please confirm whether this is so or not?  If not, then the error is quite strange; I don't know any other reason how this set would become un-ordered.  

But let's first rule out the first possibility...  maybe you could post the base_ts.dd and the files to make sure?

[EDIT:] Ahh... probably you have chosen PRD as a timeslice name. Because "printemps" is spring in French, PRD might get chosen for "spring day" and so maybe it was not such a good idea to make that set ordered.  What do you think, should PRD (and/or NET) be allowed as a timeslice name?
Thank you Antti!

You are totally right! One timeslice had the name PRD so it was creating the problem at the end. Thank you very much for your help.
Thanks.   Blush
So, can you manage with it by changing the timeslice name to e.g. SPD instead, or should the TIMES code be changed to allow for PRD?
I think i will just choose the simplest way, changing the timeslice name Smile
Thanks again for your super help

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