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RSD insulation
Hi there,

We wonder how we could add energy efficiency options (if possible, different ones - insulation, windows replacement etc.) to our model, in an additive way to the different heating technology options.

We got a hint from Gary about using a conservation (CSV) commodity which could be used as a dummy fuel by the RSD heating DMD with an investment cost. However, we are not sure where and how this should be done in the Starter model - on the RSD BY file, by defining CSV DEM service on commodity sheet, and then adding the CSV input  to every heating technology as an alternative input "fuel"? We wonder what would be the simpliest solution concerning that we have numerous building types with numerous existing and new heating technologies.

Thank you in advance!
Dear Admin,

Could you please help us with the question above posted by Fanni on RSD insulation?
Your comments would be precious considering that we are still fairly new with TIMES.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

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Yes, this is a good modelling question. I think there may be many different approaches used in various TIMES models, and it would indeed be useful if some TIMES users could share their approach to modelling building efficiency improvements, for new buildings and through renovation. In the ETSAP TIAM model, building efficiency options are to my knowledge not at all explicitly modelled, and neither does the VT Starter seem to include such. So, it seems users have been rather much on their own with it, but I'm pretty sure there are many users who have included such options in their models.

However, the Admins of the VEDA Forum are the software developers of VEDA-FE and VEDA-BE, and they are primarily responsible for answering to technical questions and problems related to VEDA-FE and VEDA-BE. The ETSAP TIMES support is likewise related to technical issues of the model generator. Consequently, I guess sharing these kinds of modelling ideas and approaches is no-ones responsibility, but is based on voluntary exchange of methodologies by the user community, which hopefully takes place.

So, if you already have a clear idea how you would like to model the energy efficiency options, but have technical questions about how to implement it in VEDA-TIMES, I am sure you will get help here.  For example, if you want to add a CSV commodity input to every heating technology as an alternative input "fuel", I think that could be done in an additive way by using ~TFM_TOPINS in a scenario file for adding the additional input commodity to the topology of these technologies, and then by defining e.g. FLO_SHAR constraints for the new input in the same scenario.
For an illustration of a very simple add-on type implementation of efficiency options for buildings, see the following paper:
IER Report on the buildings sector,  page 16.

I guess this very simple methodology may in fact be used in many TIMES models, but I remember seeing much more complex representations as well.
Dear Antti-L,

Thank you very much for your kind help. We are going to study the enclosed paper.
Sorry for bothering you with these modelling issues, certainly we'll encourage other modellers to participate at Veda Forum as we will (hopefully) get to know more.

Best regards,

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