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Parametric Scenarios
I think you are using a modified RUN file template. This is why the LST file is unusually large.

The basic problem is that "xtr_include.dd" is missing. Do you have a scenario file called "xtr_include"?
No, indeed I don't see this file in the GAMS_wrkTIMES folder. I've inherited the model from past versions, so I am not sure of what has been modified before. Would it be a matter of just addind this xtr file to the folder?

Thanks for the replies so far!
I am afraid the current version of parscen will not work with external DD files. you need to remove this reference from your RUN file template.
Hi Amit,

I just gave it a try without the extra DD file and indeed it seems to work quite fine now. Thanks for the help.

Best Regards,

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