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Fontsize does not follow user settings in win7

So I have a laptop, where the system setting was factor set at using 120dpi (= medium size fonts because the screen is rather small)

However, I mostly use it docked, so I have changed to 96dpi which is the standard windows on large monitors.

But now that my IT-departments admin has installed veda, it has used the 120 dpi setting, because the admin used the system setting of 120dpi. 
So when I launch veda with my 96dpi setting all the fonts are clunky large, and especially it now introduces newlines in dialogs, which makes them unreadable.

It does not help changing the system default setting to 96dpi - veda stays with the clunky fonts. (see attachement of global options)

Any ideas?


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Hi Lars,

Can you post some more pictures where you see this issue?

We want to check for any pattern to resolve this issue.
Sure. Here:

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Oh. So when I set my display setting back to 120dpi, everything looks nice, btw.
(except all else in windows is really large)
Thanks Lars, We will get back to you soon.

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