Veda2.0 Released!

Invalid License- You must enter a valid license to continue
At the time of licensing VEDA(VFE/VBE), this message pops up after the license codes are pasted onto VEDA Licensing Form.
This issue has been encountered on those machines which did not warrant sufficient Windows User Permissions to the Windows User running the VEDA Application. To resolve it, a reinstallation is usually required.
Follow these steps to resolve this error:

  1. Remove the previous VEDA installationUninstall all the previous versions of VEDA from Control Panel. If you cannot find VEDA listed in Control Panel, rename the old VEDA folder as VEDA_old to preserve your models and data as is. That should take care of existing installations for the time being.

  2. Create a folder called as VEDA on C:\ or D:\, depending upon the installation directory you wish to use. Ensure that your user has full permissions to read, write and execute on this folder. VEDA Support Site- Permissions has information on how to assign permissions properly.

  3. Place the latest downloaded VEDAInstaller.exe in this newly created VEDA folder. 

  4. Add an exception of VEDAInstaller.exe in your AntiVirus application.

  5. Re-run the installer and reinstall VEDA_FE and VEDA_BE.

Utsav Jha VEDA Support

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