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Model compilation error
I am making a model with DayNite timeslices and with timeslice specific availability factors defined by NCAP_AF and capacity to activity factor defined by PRC_CAPACT. I am getting errors in model compilation.

Attaching the error screenshot and import error log.

Thank you

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.xls   ImportErrorLog.xls (Size: 355.5 KB / Downloads: 6)
Pankaj, post the lst file as well.
Attaching the lst file.

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.zip (Size: 1.31 KB / Downloads: 5)
Thanks for the listing file.

It shows a very unusual error from the following line:
According to the error, SEASON is redefined!
That would mean that you have a timeslice called SEASON, which would be illegal.
Can you confirm whether you indeed have such a timeslice?
Could you post the file base_run_ts.dd, to check?
I have defined three seasonal timeslices S,W,M and 24 hrs for a day.

Attaching the dd file.

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Ok, but then you must have some error in your SysSettings, because the DD file does show also "SEASON" as a SEASON level timeslice, although you said only S, W, M should be the seasonal timeslices.

Thus, if you need more help with it, the next file to post here would be SysSettings.xls (or xlsx).  Smile
Please find attached the SysSettings.xls file

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.xls   SysSettings.xls (Size: 75 KB / Downloads: 6)
Thank you!

However, I am not able to see myself where the error is. I hope the Kanors staff can look at it.

It looks like this could be a bug in VEDA-FE, because, as mentioned, the DD file base_run_ts.dd (which you posted) contains quite incorrect timeslices, including "SEASON" and a lot of others, which have not been defined in SysSettings, as far as I can see...
Hi, Pankaj, your import error logs clearly shows that the time slices have not been defined.
Can you do a 'start from scratch' and see whether the sync errors persists.
It may possible that you edited the 'Region-Time Slices' sheet of SysSettings and didn't perform a start from scratch.
I just performed a start from scratch for the model again and I see the timeslice related errors are removed. The season timeslice appeared only as autocomplete in excel but its strange how it remained even after editing.
There are some issues which still persist in compilation. I am attaching related files.

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.zip (Size: 292 bytes / Downloads: 3)
It is good to hear that you have got rid of the timeslice related errors. When you edit key model settings like time slice definition, 'start from scratch' is needed as per my experience.

Errors like $170, $338 are common and may relate to inappropriate declaration of corresponding processes. See log files in the log folder of your model to get more information.
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the help. There was some problem with parameterization which I worked out step by step from start and resolved.
I did some runs and I find power generation from some technologies for eg. wind is not in line with what I specified in PRC_CAPACT for timeslices. However the supply curve profile of wind is consistent with specification.
PRC_CAPACT does not have any timeslice dimension. It defines the unit conversion from the capacity unit to the activity unit, which is always the same for all timeslices. So, you cannot define PRC_CAPACT by timeslice (e.g. PRC_CAPACT~W23). For timeslice-specific availabilities, use NCAP_AF/NCAP_AFS instead.

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