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Run terminated by solver
Hi Antti,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't think that is the problem. I have allowed negative emissions (see attached file) and this has been working fine in other runs. The backstop has also been working in other runs (see sequestration file where this is defined) and will 'mop' up CO2 when the model runs out of options under a tight cumulative co2 constraint. Lastly, dummys for the other constraints are definitely activated in the user options menu. I'm really struggling to figure out what the issue is! Is there anything that could suddenly make the backstop not work?

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Sorry for the delayed response. You are right, what I see in these Excel files looks basically OK for the backstops and COM_BNDNET (although I see you have omitted GHG when setting the negative lower bounds, and using -INF as mentioned earlier would be recommended instead of big negative numbers).

Conceivably, the backstops could of course be turned off also by some another scenario file, or even some external code (I know some users have external scripting code for injecting additional parameters into their models), but I am sure you have checked it through.

With the limited information, and no possibility to reproduce the problem, I am sorry I don't have more clues to offer about the infeasibility issue. Sad  I hope you have already found the problem, and did not have to waste too much time on it.

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