Veda2.0 Released!

Replace MS ACCESS with a more robust Database
This applies to VEDA-FE as well as VEDA-BE. It is certainly very desirable, and we are excited to take on this ambitious task. I would like to take some input from the user community in the choice of a new database platform. Let’s start by laying out the criteria. Users are requested to comment on the criteria and/or propose specific options that they may be familiar with.
  • It should be efficient and support large files

  • Should be deployable free of cost

  • Should work on regular portables and desktops as well as servers

  • Should be usable with a C# application

KanORS has extensive experience with SQL server, reasonable with MySQL and SQLite, and some with Postgres.
Just a quick comment on that since I am not a database expert:

As more and more multiregional models with increasing spatial resolutions (even down to grid nodes) are being set up nowadays, I know see many modellers using PostGIS (an add-on to the PostgreSQL DB) since its perfectly suited to work with masses of spatial data.

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