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Sets functionality in VEDA-BE
The following suggestions have been received. I request users to provide some more details, especially on the second suggestion below, so that we can propose concrete development to address these.

But I would suggest that users take a close look at the Excel-based sets management, which will be available soon. You can manage hundreds of sets quite easily with this feature. The first point below could be addressed by appropriate naming conventions in set names, descriptions and comments. We will include comments in the sets search functionality.
User suggestion 1: It would be particularly beneficial if users could include user based metadata for both processes and commodities in order to define additional grouping and cross-selection, allowing for customized searches and data aggregations in VEDA-BE. In this way the user would be able to have more dimensions than only "process set" and "commodity set" to select from. As an example, a heating technology can be part of a set "heating technologies" but we should also be able to show results along user defined dimensions like "residential/ commercial/ industry" or "renewable/ fossil" or "decentralised/ centralised". The user could then ask for a results table that shows all investments of a) heating systems in b) the residential sector and c) that are renewable, without making a separate process set for it. To summarize, VEDA-BE should be able to have additional filtering dimensions on top of "process set", based on user metadata input  in excel. Excel metadata example available if needed.

User suggestion 2: A feature that allows us "What I want to see next depends on what I see now". Ultimately, we want to present part of the model output and the user can see all the other data categorised and filtered in the way the user likes – just by clicking with the mouse.

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