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Input Demand Series Already Projected
Hello! I'm new to VEDA and I was wondering if there is any specific file where I can enter the demand series I've already projected over the horizon. I see there are some demand files in SuppXLS folder, but in those you enter the demand drivers and sensitivity (or elasticity) in order for TIMES to project the demands. I wish to input the demand series directly. What I've been doing until now is declaring the series as commodities in the VT files under the ~FI_T: DEMAND tag, but is there any other place I can put these series that VEDA would already recognize them as end-use demands for energy services already projected?

Thank you!
~TFM_DINS-TS would be a good option. Use Attribute,Region,CSET_CN, as the col headers. You can put this table in any Scenario file in the SuppXLS folder.

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Thank you! That worked well! Can I put this file in the Demands folder inside SuppXLS? It seems to work when I run it, but it doesn't appear in the "Demand Scen" in VEDA FE.

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