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Is it possible to assess IMPDEMZ and IMPNRGZ (DUMMY imports), in Veda-BE, on a daynite timeslice? For instance, If I am tracking the ELC (Electricity) commodity on a DAYNITE timeslice, Can I analyze when exactly I am running out of Electricity production? Shall I pre-define the dummy imports for it?


I have not needed it myself, but you can surely define IMPNRGZ on the DAYNITE level, I guess best done in SysSettings. Then you will have those pesky dummy import flows also reported at the DAYNITE level. See the help pages:

On the other hand, demand commodities are in most models on the ANNUAL level, because the competing demand technologies should normally all see the same demand load curve (which is hardly the case if the demand is at DAYNITE level). And so, I don't see much point in defining IMPDEMZ at the DAYNITE level.
Hi Antti,

I have tried to define IMPNRGZ in SysSetting , but it didn't work. I created a new excel tab, and  added an INS table, as follows:

TimeSlice  LimType     Attribute             Pset_Set     Pset_PN      
DAYNITE                     PRC_TSL               IRE          IMP*Z                   
DAYNITE                     PRC_TSL               IRE       IMPDEMZ   

Any other suggestions?         

Defining IMPNRGZ on the DAYNITE level would be useful since I have a 192 timeslice and 28 regions model, thats exchange electricity among each other. Also, I have different Renewables AFs on a DAYNITE level, thus it would able assess the impact of these technologies on the ELC supply.

That is very interesting, because a working example has been in the DEMO model for ages, as shown below:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=227]

I just checked the DD files, and the IMPNRGZ was indeed defined on the DAYNITE level. So, I it certainly works here.

Maybe you did not read the help page, which said that the values should be DAYNITE, as shown above?

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It worked! I can see the new timeslice level in the Process Master. 

I had read the help page, but I didnt noted that the timeslice should be added under the Value header. Indeed I still can't realize it from the page. 
Other thing that I was doing wrong was adding the "ELC" commodity under "Pset_CO". Since this is not the only commodity that IMPNRGZ can "produce", the timeslice definition wasn't working. So, the two main steps on doing so: I) Add the timeslice level under the Value header and II) Do not add any"Pset_CO" (commodity output) on the definition process.

thanks, Antti.

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