Veda2.0 Released!

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Could you describe in more detail about Infeasibility in terminal.

According to CPLEX solver documentation:

GAMS/Cplex also provides access to the Cplex Infeasibility Finder. The Infeasibility fi.nder takes an infeasible linear program and produces an irreducibly inconsistent set of constraints (IIS). An IIS is a set of constraints and variable bounds which is infeasible but becomes feasible if any one member of the set is dropped. GAMS/Cplex reports the IIS in terms of GAMS equation and variable names and includes the IIS report as part of the normal solution listing.

Is it mean, according this picture, that 252 constraints was reduce? 

Is it mean also that there are 394 incompibility equation and my model don't work correct?

According to the picture, your model works well, and no infeasibilities were found.
The solve status tells you whether there were infeasibilities or not. In the example, the status is "optimal", indicating no infeasibilities.  If there would be unresolved infeasiblities, the solve status would be "infesible".  The numbers "pushed" and "exchanged" are related to the crossover algorithm, and are not related to model infeasibilities. The small infeasibility numbers shown during the Primal and Dual crossover phases are perfectly normal, and do not indicate that the model would be infeasible.
Could You explain for what purpuse CPLEX use crossover algorithm? 

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