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How to set the 'STOCK' of storage technology
Hello, everyone!
I'm Wang Xin from Tsinghua University and now working on adding energy storage technologies into our TIMES model. Some basic infomation about the demo storage technology are as followings.TechName/Comm-IN/Comm-OUT/START/Life/INVCOST/STG_EFF are Storage_ELC/ELC/ELC/2010/50/50/0.95 respectively. And the process set is 'STS', and timeslice level is 'DAYNITE'. The results in VEDA-BE indicate that this little modification to current model works well. However, the first question comes to me is that how can I set the available quantity of this storage technology in base year, or namely the stock (I'm not sure whether the concept of 'STOCK' still works for storage process).

In addition, I've also tried to add a storage technology at SEASON level in a similar way, for example a 'STS' process Storage_ELC2 . However, it turns out to be a failure and dummy exists.
Any help will be appreciated and thank you!

Best regards,
Wang Xin
 I just tried to add a storage technology at SEASON level in a similar way: an 'STS' process Storage_ELC2 . It turns out to be working well, and without any kind of failure, and no dummy exists.

Unfortunately, as long as one cannot reproduce or confirm your findings, it is rather difficult to help.

But if by "stock" you mean the existing capacity in the Base Year, it is easy to set by using the PRC_RESID attribute.

Got it! And thank you for the prompt reply! I will try the PRC_RESID attribute!

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