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'Consecutive' inputs possible?
Hi all,

I am formulating the model to have home, work and public chargers to produce electricity for a consumer to charge the car. I created the charging outlets that produces electricity, and goes as input to the car.

Here is the problem I am struggling with right now. Not everyone NEEDS the access to all these chargers for a given time. For example, if a person drives only a few hundred miles a year, he may be satisfied with home charging alone. He might need work and/or public charging only if he starts driving more miles.

So, I need some ideas to represent this in the model:

Depending on the electricity needed by the car (based on car efficiency, driving miles), the model should be using these chargers consecutively, home first, work next and public last. I have maximum limits on electricity produced from each charger, but I am not sure how to use them 'consecutively'. In a way, the model should determine dynamically which kind of charger(s) it needs to support the electric demand.

Any suggestions?


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