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ElC production isn't consistent with CAP_BND
Dear all,
    Thank you for your previous reply. Sorry to trouble you again. There is a competition between gas and coal for electricity generation. I have defined capacities of gas generation stock with CAP_BND attribute (FX), so remaining ELC demand should be satisfied by coal ELC generation. However, gas ELC generation are all replaced by coal ELC generation in millstone years, although its stocks are defined in BY table. How to make a kind of ELC generation to increase as same as defined stocks previously?
    Attached is my model. Any help will be appreciated again!

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Cry Anyone can help me? This problem is so strange.

I cannot see any inconsistency, but can make the following observations:

o        Your model is infeasible, due to the demands exceeding the available capacity in the base year.

o        According to your input data (fuel costs, technology costs, efficiencies), it is much more expensive to use your very low efficiency CHP gas technology than to invest into the cheap new coal plants and use them instead, and so the results are as expected.

o        If you nonetheless want to force the gas CHP capacity to be utilized, you could change your AFA to AFA~FX. But I'd also suggest to set CEH=0 and CHPR=1 to at least have a decent total efficiency for the CHP (that would give you a reasonable level of 88%).

Thank you for your helpful reply, and this problem is solved now!

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