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ELC supply didn't run well
Dear all,
    I have two processes to produce electricity. For the first process (P-ELCCOA1), its existging stocks are defined among 2012-2030, and the stock in the base year of the second process is known. Since there are only two processes to  produce electricity and ELC demand is known, I believe the second process  (P-ELCCOA2) will supply the remaining ELC demand.
    However, I found that my model didn't operate as I expected. I define P-ELCCOA1 process has a stock of 100 in 2012, and that in 2030 is 200, so ELC production in 2030 should be two times the amount of that in 2012, but it didn't happen.
    How can I make a ELC process produce ELC as I need in specified years? Anyone can help me? Attached is my model.

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How to get needed new capacities in milestone years for ELC production processes? 

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