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Investment-time dependent subsidy

Is there a way to model the level of subsidy based on the time of investment?
Technology X
Commodity-flow Subsidy = 10% (in 2010)
Commodity-flow Subsidy = 20% (in 2020)

If X is built in 2010, then the subsidy for its lifetime is 10% ..OR..
If X is built in 2020, the subsidy for its lifetime is 20%.


Yes, it is possible to define vintage-dependent subsidies on commodity flows, directly proportional to the flows of each vintage.

But you seem to be asking for subsidies that are proportional to some other costs (10%, 20%)?

You can model vintage-dependent subsidies proportional to flows by defining the technology vintaged.  You would just need to define a new commodity for such subsidies.

For example, define a new commodity with the name "SUBSIDY" of type ENV, and define FLO_EMIS(r,y,p,COM,SUBSIDY,ANNUAL) = X.  Finally, define FLO_SUB=1 on the SUBSIDY flow. This results in a subsidy level X for the flow COM and vintage y, for the lifetime of vintage y (it will be vintage-dependent).  You don't need to add the SUBSIDY commodity in the topology.

For non-vintaged technologies, it is not possible to define vintage-dependent subsidies on flows, only on the capacity.  Subsidies on the capacity can be defined by defining a NCAP_COM(r,y,p,SUBSIDY,OUT)=X and then putting a FLO_SUB=1 on the SUBSIDY flow. In that way you can always define a vintage-dependent subsidy proportional to the installed capacity of that vintage, for its lifetime.

Thanks Antti,

I've done as you said, but the model still interpolates the subsidy over the lifetime of the vintage, as opposed to keeping the subsidy at the time of investment constant. see below.



Yes I can see it, but no, you have not done it as I suggested. 

You have specified a varying FLO_SUB on the SUBSIDY, and a constant FLO_EMIS=1.

Read my post again, and you should see that the basic idea is to specify a constant FLO_SUB=1, and a varying FLO_EMIS=X.

Thanks for the help.

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