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out of memory error
Dear all,
     The  error  reported as "7 Out of memory" occured, and I dont' know why it happened. 
Attached is the error picture and my CHP process.

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Try to import this file.

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VEDA reads the "used range" of each sheet into an array for processing. Due to formatting or something else that you did on one of the sheets in this workbook, VEDA saw the entire sheet as used. Vikrant has copied the contents of your workbook into a new one to resolve this issue. We will look for an elegant solution to this.

@huichenpku: I happened to look at the file VT_GD_CHP_V01.xls, and I noticed that you have now defined the CHP process efficiencies by using differing commodity-specific efficiencies on the outputs, ELC and HET. You should be aware that, in general, the CHP attributes have been designed to work correctly only when the process efficiencies are defined either for the process shadow input group as a whole (EFF/ACT_EFF(CG)), or on specific input fuels (CEFF/ACT_EFF©). 

In particular, modeling flexible CHP operation correctly with the CHP attributes is not possible if you are defining differing CEFFs on the outputs (e.g. ELC and HET). The core feature of flexible CHP operation (different ratios of electricity to heat along the iso-fuel line) does not work correctly if using differing CEFFs on the outputs.

Only when CHPR is fixed, using differing CEFFs on the outputs can be correctly used together with the CHP attributes, and even then basically only if CEH is either 0 or 1.

Therefore, I would suggest not using CEFF on the outputs when using the CHP attributes, and I think perhaps a warning should be issued if such are being used.

Anyway, there is no need to specify any CEFFs for the outputs, because the CHP attributes have been specifically designed to take care of the correct modeling of CHP operation just by defining the efficiency from the input fuels to the activity, together with the CHPR and CEH parameters. 

It  indeed works! Thank you!
Thank you for you explanation!
I have revised it, and thank you for you suggestion!

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