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Could NCAP_AFC be defined on TS set?
Dear Antti,

Do you think that it is feasible to have the NCAP_AFC parameter defined on TS set instead of TSLVL set?

An advantage would be that by doing this the NCAP_AFC could be used in the same way that AFS is used and thus it increases the flexibility in modeling as we have a similar functionality with AFS for commodity-specific availability factors.

If this request is very difficult or out of the context of the meaning and usage of NCAP_AFC, we can drop it.


I am sorry that I am replying here, but my subscription in ETSAP TIMES forum has not been activated by the administrator yet (although it is has been made quite a few months ago).

I think that a possible application of such an extension could be considered for storage. For example in normal processes one can specify through AFS operational constraints related to capacity/activity availability across timeslices, which can be translated to capacity/commodity availability as well if the activity is the same as the output commodity flow. In storage processes a similar functionality can be achieved through other approaches, as the activity has a different meaning in them. I think that by having the NCAP_AFC on timeslices set, then the introduction of constraints related to capacity/commodity availability for storage processes can be simplified.

What do you think?

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