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How does Batch Update work?
How do tables and Excel files need to be specified to use Update Excel File -> Batch Model?


Update Excel file -> Batch mode :
creates new files – enumerated on scenario/region permutations starting from a single template.

Template file is just a exported version of a saved table.

Thanks Vikrant. So the template should be saved without specific scenario or region in the table, or does it work even if there is a scenario specified in the table?
The update functionality does not impose any restrictions, but if you put specific scenario names in a table, then the template is applicable only for a particular study. Which may be a completely valid way of using this functionality.

I had mainly used this to create separate files by looping over region/scenario.

But note that all you get from this functionality over the regular export is control on table structure. And export is extremely fast compared to update, especially for large volumes. I would recommend using vbe mainly for the sets functionality and exploiting comprehensive dumps (Exports) via Excel formulas like VLOOKUP and SUMIF and/or simple VBA programming.

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