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Growth constraint
I have set a growth constraint to one of the technologies as demo model did, but I find it doesn't work.The technology increase faster than I have defined.

UC_N UC_ATTR Pset_PN Pset_CI Pset_CO Cset_CN Attribute Year LimType UC_CAP UC_CAP~RHS UC_RHSRTS UC_RHSRTS~0 UC_Desc
UC_GrowthOfNewTechs07 CAP,GROWTH BIOOILDSTTCIE           LO 1.0001 1 -5 5  
Yes, when using GROWTH the constraint should work without using any UC_T_SUCC, because the  UC_T_SUCC will be automatically generated by TIMES. Can you show what the resulting capacities of BIOOILDSTTCIE are for the successive model periods?
This is the results from VEDA_BE
Attribute Commodity Process\Period 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 2050
VAR_FOut CIE BIOOILDSTTCIE 0.00 0.00 0.00 12874.47 20050.48 27072.86 32841.58 38139.57 38139.57
That's the output flow.  How about the capacity?
In the model I've built, no electricity is defined. Only transport fuels are included. Therefore, the annual production is the same with annual production capacity.

Well, if the investment costs for the capacity are very small (or zero), the model would be able to satisfy the growth constraints by adding a lot of capacity already in 2010. That is why I wanted to see the capacity results.

Would you not be willing to show us the capacity results? You should have them in VEDA-BE?

Would you please tell me how can i find capacity results in veda-be? Thanks a lot!
Antti-L, Thank you so much!
The constraint takes effect when I add a Cap2Act to the process of BIOOILDSTTCIE.
And another questions arisen, Can I define different growth rate in different period? Such like, if I want to give a annual growth rate of 20% from 2030 to 2040 year, and 10% from 2040 to 2050. How can I achieve this?
Or how can I define different growth rate depend on different cumulative capacity? Fox example, when the cumulative capacity of biooil is more than 10000 ktoe, then the growth rate is 20%. if cumulative capacity is more than 20000 ktoe, then the growth rate is 10%?
Although the growth constraint has work in my model. But I found it very oddly. My question is what does the meaning of the automatic aggregated value of UC_ATTR of GROWTH?

I am so sorry to hear that you are still having problems with the simple growth constraint.

But can you tell what is it exactly that you "found very oddly"?  Is the constraint not working according to the equation formulation?

Concerning "the automatic aggregated value of UC_ATTR of GROWTH", I have no idea what you mean by that.  Are you referring to the documentation, or some earlier post on the Forum?  I hope that you are not referring to some post by myself?  Embarrassed


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