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A new worksheet VNTG in VFE

Hi Amit

I created a new SubRes scenario with a set of technologies.  After SYNC, I noticed that a new parameter IBOND(BD)~FX has been generated automatically for a selected number of technologies in three periods.   This new parameter is shown in an unknown worksheet ‘VNTG’   When I tried to edit, it shows a message “Pending contact at Amit@KanORS.Com” .  Could you please advice me, how this new parameter is created?  I have shown ScreenPrt for your Ref.
Because of this, the model gives an infeasible solution, caused by another UC! 


Thanks for this post Kannan.
This exposes an old feature of VEDA that is rather hidden and (too) succintly described on VEDASupport: automatic creation of vintage bounds. This facility was made in the MARKAL days where full vintaging was not supported by the GAMS code.
Look for Vintage Bounds under SysSettings in the Template basics - Files section of VEDASupport.
What you need to do: uncheck the Generate Vintage Bounds option under import settings in user options and reimport your SubRES.

Thanks a lot, now it works!

Should I always uncheck the box 'Generate Vintage Bound', as I didn’t have this problem before?  or Have I made anything wrong in this particular scenario?

Just on curiosity, why is this bound created only for selected technologies, but not for all technologies? What’s the basis for the selection of technologies?  

thanks, I got it from VEDASupport.

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