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Problems of AFS Scenario
I'd like to add a special flow share scenarios in demo model as shown in the "Getting stated with TIMES-VEDA". After the GDX file is read, and years are asking to be specified is added in the prompt box, a ERROR implications appeared as shown in figure below. Would you please tell me the difference between AFS Scenario and Scenarios in the navigator panel? And how to establish special flow share scenarios in VEDA. Thanks a lot!

Far more efficient and transparent methods have emerged for this purpose. Please don't take the AFS approach.

Tell me exactly what you are trying to model, and I will point you to an example.

Also, you should upgrade to the current version of VFE.
Thanks a lot!
I just learn to build up user constraints.
And how can I upgrade to the current version of VFE?

Would you please use the demo example and tell how to construct the wind subsidy no more than 5% of total ELC sector investments? as shown in figure below?

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