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Error in chain
Dear all,
I added set of heat plant to my energy generation model. But somehow the proceses seem to be not interconnected and the the dummy imports satisfy the comlete heat demat. I hace proceeded in the sam way as by the power plants that works.
Could anyone advice me what I am doing wrong, please? Attached is a simplified model with only one HP.

Thank you in advance.



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In VEDA-FE, HPL plants have by default the TSLVL level SEASON, even if there is no such timeslice level in the model. (I guess this could be changed, such that if there is no SEASON level, they would not have this default).

In your model you have only the ANNUAL timeslice. Therefore, you should explicitly define the timeslice level of HPL and ELE technologies to be ANNUAL, to make the model work.

Note also that Share/Share-I/Share-O cannot be used for trade processes, such as IMPGAS, for which you have defined  Share-I~UP

Thank you very much Antti. Now it works Smile
It also solves my problem. Thank you!

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