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Error saving database
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It seems that I don’t know how to save a database in the correct place.

In the File tab, if I check the Recent Opened files. The database I was working on is in a temporary folder (1. And 2. Of the listed files at the bottom of the uploaded file)

I did a search with windows explorer and found the database and copied it to c\veda\veda_be\databases. But when I try to open it, I get a message saying: cannot locate vedage_y database, contact your database administrator.


I am working with Answer and VEDA-BE. I don’t seem to be able to open Answer databases either.

Can you please tell me how to create a new database in the correct folder/place, how to save one that I’m working on as new in the correct folder/place, and what am I doing wrong? Thanks


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Sara Can you post the structure of VEDA-BE\Databases folder?

And try to open "TIDEMO-D" database, this should exist in VEDA\VEDA_BE\Databases folder.
Thank you for replying. Please find attached  picture with folder.


I don't think it is related, but I created a folder to save tables exported from Veda-Be, that you can also see in the doc.

I could open the Demo database, and i chose one process and could see its results. Yet when I wanted to "examine sets", i could see the existing list but when wanted to see which processes/commodities were inside them I got an error saying "Run time error 35600. Index out of bounds" and VEDA-BE closed.


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Please post picture of Demo Folder and errors*.log file from VEDA\VEDA_BE\Logs.

And you are using older version, get updated version by web installer(VBEI_www_4.exe).

Please find attached a doc with all the images from folders.
I have updated VEDA-BE, thanks.
There is no log file form the last days showing any errors, as you can see from one of the images.
The last image shows a search I did, looking for veda_snt, and you can see there are some in veda folder and some in a temporary folder. It seems that something has changed in my veda in the last days/weeks, and it's saving files not where it should.
I could open th DEMO database, see tables, couldn't see (examine) Sets, keeps on showing error and closing down.
Thank youuploads/70/Doc1.doc

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Hi, Vikram
Any idea why VEDA-Be in my computer is not saving databases where it should?

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