Veda2.0 Released!

VEDA Update 4.3.32
Note that a full uninstall/reinstall was required last time as it was a major update. Such updates do not happen often. For incremental updates, like this one, you don't need to use the first two buttons on the installer. Just the third one - BE/FE updates is enough.
This is a rather important update, especially if you have (explicit) commodity group declarations in your model.
Commodity Groups can be declared in the Other_Indexes column of FI_T or transformation tables. For PRC_ACTFLO, ACT_EFF and FLO_BND, they can also be declared in the Comm* col (FI_T) or CSET_CN col (transformation tables). This faciltiy has been around for quite some time but some very specific cases were not handled correctly that have now been addressed.
And there is now the possibility to choose a text editor on the General tab of user options.
The recommended way to apply such updates is to click the ** Version 1234 Available ** button that appears on the menu bar.

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