Veda2.0 Released!

Class not registered: MSSTDFMT.DLL
I reproduce parts of an exchange I had with a user today:

My problem is that I install VEDA on a Windows 7 machine as local administrator under D:\VEDA including the tips given on the support forum. It works when using the local administrator account, but the error below is seen when running it as an other user. Even if that user is included in the administrators group, and the VC script is first run as administrator. It only appears when running Veda_FE.exe (using the run as administrator.

The error is:



Class not registered.

You need the following file to be installed on your machine.



The solution was to perform the following steps:


Search for the DLL on your computer; in this case, it was found in the directory “C:Windows\SysWOW64”

1) login as the user.
2) Run “cmd” as Administrator.
3) In the “cmd” window from the directory “C:\Windows\SysWOW64” run “regsvr32 /u msstdfmt.dll” (if you do not run this first it does not work)
4) Then run “regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll”

I had the same problem with Windows 7 64-bit. Although the user is the administrator, I had to do the second step by clicking the left button on mouse. Then follow the steps as it is

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