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Run Name in dd
Dear Amit,
when editing the run name in the F9-window of VFE, VEDA FE writes the run name of the prvious run in the dd-file. What happens?
Cheers Tom
This is actually never used by VFE as the run name declared at the end of the RUN file prevails. There is a bug here. If it helps you, we can release a fix quickly. Let me know.
Dear Tom and Amit
Thanks to Tom for raising this question.
Amit, It will be of great help, if you fix this bug.
It is a nuisance that I have lived with it for years, so if you can fix it soon, it will be of great help for the safe documentation of dd files.
Best regards

Poul Erik
Poul Erik Grohnheit DTU Management Engineering, Systems Analysis Technical University of Denmark
Apologies Poul; we will fix it soon.
The EXE update released today resolves this issue.

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