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VFE CaseManager Scenario Sort
Hi Amit,
Would be great if the CM would sort the Scenarios alphabetically w/in each group - upon request (clicking above the list). There are times when a non-alphabetic list is necessary/desired, but can move things around from there when called for.
What if a case has stuff mixed across categories?

Sorting within categories, so maining for Scenarios, though for some models applies for DEM/NT as well. So BASE/NewTech/DEM/SysSettting/Scenarios groups in said order is fine, sorted within each group upon request. Then user hits Save if they want to retain that order for the future.

I meant what if the the some regular scenarios appear before the demand or trade scenarios in a case definition?
I chose to put new scenarios at the bottom so that they are easy to find and the user chooses their position conciously.
As Gary described, the sorting would be done only on request. If some users wish to sort the scenarios alphabetically, and that's what they really want, I don't see why not; I am sure they would be aware of all the consequences. But it should be a manual option only, no automatic sorting of scenarios should, of course, ever happen, because users need to retain control over it.

I think the Sort should do it within groups along the lines I suggest below (sort of the VFE default). If the user wants to then move stuff before Save fine.

Was also thinking that a "Reinstate or Undo" option would be handy to put things back in the original order, though perhaps now with different scenarios included in the case definition.
totally agree - on request and only saved by user if they are fully aware of the implications.

Is it possible to export /import case definitions from/to one VFE database?

I deleted all files in the Databases folder and created a new database from scratch.  I have a number of case definitions in the old database.  Now I want to try a batch run.  Is it possible to export the case definitons from the old database and import into the new database?   If so how can it be done?  Appreciate your feedback.

Well, if you used "start from scratch" in the Tools menu then all databases would be recreated (just like they are if you delete them manually, like you did) BUT the case definitions would survive.
Can you still do this?
Tks Amit.
Yes I’m aware that start from scratch retains the case definitions.  In this case I sent the database by email.  So I deleted the files from database folder.  I thought there could be new development in VFE to enable this features!
It would work if you just leave UserOptions.MDB in the databases folder.

Thanks a lot

I copied the UserOptions.MDB from the old database and got back the case definitions intact!


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