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Global Filter
Table definitions are meant to change only when you want to change the the underlying logic of the table, not when you are just focused on a particular part of the results.
For example, you may have many regions and scenarios in your results and you may be investigating a subset of these at some point. One way to do this would be to inlude the regions and scenarios of interest in the definition of all your tables. Two problems:
  • you have to do this for all tables you view
  • you have to undo/redo these definition changes when your focus shifts to a different set of regions/scenarios

Instead, you can set a global filter for the elements of interest that will apply to all table (and ExRES) views you request.

From the VEDA Support site:

Global Filtering

It may be useful to globally apply certain filters and later be able to remove them for all tables, without having to redefine the tables. For instance, tables may have been defined for all regions and all time periods, but, for some portion of the report, the user may want to have the same tables for a subset of the regions and a subset of the time periods. To do so, while in the Region tab, right-click and select Global Filter. This will pop up a window to help you define the filtering of regions. Do the same for time periods. Then, to activate the just defined global filtering, check the Global Filter box in the main screen. To remove the filtering, uncheck the box.


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