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New AFS Scen
I want to modify share constraints in a AFS Scenario. However, that is protected and I don't know the password.

I also tried to make a new AFS Scen by following the steps in "Getting Started TIMES-VEDA" manual written by Maurizio.
But when I inherit things from existing scenario I get error code 0 (no further information).
So I tried also to create new AFS Scen without inherit, but that gave also error code 0 after declaring years.

How can I modify or create a new AFS Scen?

The AFS functionality was created to create an easy way to use base-year shares to constrain future shares. But it had the following drawbacks:
  • Keeping in sync with the base-year shares involved a concious and non-trivial effort
  • The approach could not handle multiple input/output situations cleanly
  • I ran into GDX version compaibility issues while editing on some computers

The FILL tables resolve all these issues. I have migrated the AFS scenarios of all my models to scenario files with FILL/INS tables. I suggest that you do the same.

Oke thanks

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