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Database from ANSWER to VEDA
If I have a database on ANSWER format, how can I change it to VEDA format? Is it exist any Excel macro or a specific methodology?

Thank you,

It all depends on the complexity of the MARKAL model and the purpose of this migration. I will make some general observations that might be useful:

  • I have already migrated a few ANSWER-MARKAL models to VEDA-TIMES over the past couple years and some of them are being enhanced further as TIMES models under VEDA.
  • The most complex model I have migrated so far is the US-9r model of EPA (which is probably what you have in mind here); this was done early last year.
    • No one is using the migrated model at this time.
    • The migration is not really complete as some messy parts of the MARKAL formulation were left out, which can be done far more elegantly and efficiently in TIMES.
  • Based on this experience, I am certain that this cannot be a fully automated procedure, but each successive model is migrated more efficiently as more and more cases become part of the migration process.


Thank you for your answer.

Could I get that model ( US-9r model of EPA) that you have already migrated? 

Thank you in advance,

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