Veda2.0 Released!

How does VEDA treat the following information regarding EFF and CEFF:
process delivering two outputs with EFF=0.9 and PCG is output, it is an overall efficiency of 0.9 (ACT_EFF attribute) and a CEFF associated with one of the output, e.g. 0.3
or do we have to give two CEFF, one for each output
No, you don't have to give two CEFFs. If you have two outputs in the PG (C1 and C2),  EFF=0.9 and CEFF(C1)=0.3 is equivalent to CEFF(C1)=0.3*0.9=0.27 and CEFF(C2)=0.9. So, if you want to define such output-specific efficiencies, you can leave either EFF or some of the CEFFs for the outputs undefined, because the default value will be 1.

Note also that the efficiencies will be applied between the input flow and the amount of activity associated with the output, and not between the input flow and the output flow (this is relevant if you also define a PRC_ACTFLO for the outputs).

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