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Constraining input shares
Dear forum,

I am struggling with a basic UC that limits the relative amount of some input commodities in a FuelTech. In my example (see caption), I want to limit INMBIOSLD,INMBIOPEl,INMBIOTOR as a ratio (33%) of the sum of all inputs (INDCOA, INDCOK, INDPTC, INDOVC, INDMWST, INMBIOCHR, INMBIOSLD, INMBIOPEL, INMBIOTOR) in the process INMSLDMIX.

Can you see what is my mistake?


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> Can you see what is my mistake?

Yes, I think so.  You are defining ambiguous UC_FLO values, for example, for INMBIOPEL you have
  UC_FLO(UC_INMBIOSLD,2030,INMSLDMIX,INMBIOPEL) = 1, but then you have also

You need to decide: Should the UC_FLO value be 1 or -0.33, or maybe you mean that it should be sum of those, i.e. 0.67 ?
I guess VEDA now makes the last defined value to survive (you should check what you get in Browse).
Thannks Antti.

This is a great example of the importance of "Browse" - over relying purely on Excel tables to relate to your models.
Thank you, it works fine now. And yes I will definitely pay more attention to the Browse module.

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