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Hi Amit

I was trying to update the VBE in my PC.  When I click ‘**update Available 4333 **’ at the VBE menu bar, a message pop up with “Do you want to update the Veda BE from 433 to 43339”.  If I click OK,  I’m getting the following message. “Installer not found. Run installer manually”  Then it closes the VBE window.

Should I start the installation from scratch again? Dead



You don't need to reinstall. Just download the www installer and put it in the folder where you see VEDA_FE and VEDA_BE folders. This is the file that VFE is complaining about. After this, you should be able to update using the steps you tried.

Thanks, Amit
I'll try and update you

Thanks, Amit

Now I’ve successfully updated!Clap


Since after my VFE update, every SYNC I’m getting a synchronization message pertaining to the UPD table in the Interpol_Extrapol_Defaults worksheet in SysSetting file.

SysSettings   UC_RHSRT   Info: UPD table row did not generate any records.           SysSettings            Interpol_Extrapol_Defaults

It’s repeated for all six attributes via FLO_EMIS, IRE_BND, NCAP_BND, UC_RHSRT+, Share+, …..        -           

seemed to be not harming at least.

See the release notes of version 4.3.34

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