Veda2.0 Released!

RES generation
Dear forum,

I was wondering if there is some VEDA module that enables to generate a RES automatically (other than the item details feature of course)? Like something when you put a input commodity and an output commodity and the module would draw any linkages and interactions between them?

Hope I'm clear...

No, but you could look at "RES Diagram Data Extraction Tool" on the Projects page of ETSAP website.
Please let us know the outcome if you explore the RES diagramming tool. It could be useful for other users too.
Thank you!

The RES extraction tool works fine and offers a rapid overview of the RES of one's model. However, it seems that it only works for models under Veda 1.0, as the software requires .MDB files, which no longer exist under Veda 2.0. These are now PostgreSQL files, which cannot be accessed if I understood correctly?

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